Magazine Cover

For a photographer it is always a privilege to showcase your work on a Magazine Cover.  Recently two of Sven’s Photos got chosen to be on the covers of two  magazines. The First , was the cover of Child Magazine Aug/Sept 2017. We did work for Brescia House School earlier in 2017 and one of the photos got chosen for their cover .

The Second Was the Cover Of Trail Magazine 24, the editors approached Sven and asked if he would be willing to photograph the cover for them, this was a golden opportunity and Sven did not hesitate to say yes. The end product came out very nicely.

Things like this always brings motivation to the Phonix Capture Team, it inspires us to treat every photo as a possible cover photo, it definitely helps us to stay creative, excited and it generally makes all the hard work worth it! Seeing our photo on the cover of a magazine is really something special.

Trail mag Cover

Trail Magazine Link

child mag

Child Magazine Link


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